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Here we are once again with’s yearly horoscope The astrology predictions for the year are just a click away. Get free forecasts for for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces zodiac signs.

Whether their face is long or wide or even a little of both it will always be undeniably physically powerful. There is also an undeniable nobility to the Aries man. His expression is often purposeful and determined. A physically strong body is another common characteristic and, again, that noble bearing. An Aries man is almost always appropriately attired. The Taurus man has a healthy and clear complexion, thick, lustrous hair and is, of all the signs of the zodiac, the most likely to sport a beard.

No weedy little goatees for the Taurus male. Generally, the Taurus man will be of broad, stocky build and tends to be slightly below average in height.

Astrology Signs: The Faces of Pisces

He can gain weight very easily, so is likely to be either plump or, due to a good exercise regime employed to combat potential weight-gain, rather muscular. A high forehead and a receding hairline are a common characteristic of the Gemini man, as are long eye lashes. His complexion is often pale but almost always with an outdoorsy healthiness about it. Gemini men are tall more often than not, with a physical lightness to their bodies, that can sometimes verge on the delicate. They also smile a lot.

An awful lot. Large eyes are a common characteristic of the Cancer male. They are usually watery and emotive.

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Roundness is very much the theme with the Cancer male. Very round eyes in distinctly round face, are typical. Continuing the roundness theme, a certain degree of plumpness is a frequently occuring attribute of the Cancer male. They are often a little top heavy, with a larger, broader upper body supported by slender legs and narrow hips.

A large head is fairly typical, as is a prominent or Roman nose. The complexion is normally healthy, tending toward the ruddy. They take pride in their appearance and will clearly have put a lot of thought and effort into their clothing, shoes, hair etc. A large and distinct forehead is often a typical characteristic of the Virgo man. The hairline will tend to be high, though naturally so, not as a result of premature baldness.

A strong jaw will give them an able, even fierce, appearance and large, hooded eyes will lend them an air of soulful mystery. The Virgo man is generally quite slight physically but is rarely short in stature.

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Often, an angular or even gangly appearance predominates. The Virgo man will often look distracted, as if he is puzzling over some great intellectual conundrum. There is always the impression that there is far more to the Virgo man than immediately meets the eye. The Libra is almost always handsome, in the traditional sense.

Zodiac Men Spotters’ Guide

They tend to have great bone structure and very symmetrical features. An athletic build is common, but not so much that of a sportsman as that of a dancer. The Libra man possesses a very natural and very noticeable gracefulness. Their movements seem almost choreographed.

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  • Of all the signs of the zodiac, the Libra man is most likely to display a subtle androgyny. In keeping with this, they are often softly spoken. The Scorpio man will have very strong and distinct features. A particular scorpio man will rarely if ever be mistaken for somebody else. More than any other star sign, the Scorpio man will divide women. Some will find this particular individual incredibly attractive, whilst others will have no idea what these people can possibly see in him.

    The Decans of the Astrological Horoscope

    Whatever the case, they always illicit a strong and emphatic response. Hairiness is a common feature of the Scorpio man. Hairy arms, legs and luxurious eyebrows are all typical. When it comes to physique, there are two distinct types: tall and slim, or short and muscular. But he will tend to carry it well. The Sagittarius man always seems to be filled to bursting with an almost uncontrollable energy. They ooze enthusiasm and are often perceived as a blur of irrepressible activity.

    A sturdy, sculpted visage is likely to be the most immediately striking characteristic of the Capricorn man. Think classic cheekbones and full, sensual lips. Think old-fashioned matinee idol. A stocky build is the most common amongst Capricorn men. Despite this, they possess a surprising degree of gracefulness. The Pisces men. Body: usually short and thinkset Back: may stoop as the person walks Eyes: a sleepy appearance with large eyebrows Head: oddly shaped Limbs: generally short. Detail Sign Explanation Weekly Horoscope. The Pisces men And Their Characteristics. You are not ambitious for status, fame, or fortune, although he can make good use of opportunities if they come your way. You are very romantic.

    You cannot easily be fooled. You talk slowly and is knowledgeable on many subjects. You are rarely jealous, but gets hurt all the same. You are emotionally involved in whatever you do, although you may never show it. Unhappy Pisces are vulnerable to problems arising from turning to drink, drugs, or other ways of getting relief from what may seem unbearable emotional insecurities. You will serve people rather than accumulate power.