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Call an attorney and handle your strategy on the downlow instead of getting sucked into any interpersonal scuffles. This square could also crank up some sexy tension with a friend or coworker.

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Think VERY carefully before crossing that line. Clarity and open communication will arrive at the November 12 Taurus full moon, which beams into your expressive third house. Even better? La luna will be supported by a harmonious trine from both Pluto and mature Saturn in Capricorn and your collaborative eleventh house. NOW you can have the productive conversations, brainstorming sessions and solution-driven chats with your crew, Pisces.

Keep talk focused on a common mission and stay out of the blame game. Proactive and forward-moving is the way to go. Got an exciting idea for a shared project? The moon-Saturn-Pluto trine will help you put technology solutions in place that can make this even bigger, anything from a social media campaign to an email blast. This full moon can make a budding dynamic duo official. However, you may want to wait a week for Mercury to turn direct forward before signing any contracts. Read the fine print carefully, a couple times over.

With Mercury retrograde opposing this moon, extra caution is warranted. Keep the snarky comments to yourself—and off email, chat or text threads. Listen more than you talk. The relief from biting your tongue will arrive on November 19, when go-getter Mars zooms into Scorpio until January 3, heating up your visionary ninth house for the rest of the year.

Go big with those entrepreneurial ideas! At this Mars-Uranus opposition, your knee-jerk reactions and general nervous energy makes it hard to communicate your point effectively. When your ruling planet Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in Pisces on November 27, your confidence and charisma return in spades. Thanksgiving weekend in the U. You might just be pleasantly surprised! The eleventh house rules humanitarian efforts, so meet friends for a couple hours of holiday volunteer work instead of just a boozy brunch. You can catch up while you stack donated canned goods or make decorations for a charity benefit party.

Why do it alone when you can have a blast making positive and impactful things alongside kindred spirits? Victory is so much sweeter when you share it! The month finds you unusually intense and focused, especially when it comes to love. Amorous Venus is vaulting through Sagittarius and your goal-driven tenth house from November 1 to 25, turning your thoughts to the future.

And with intensifying Mars in your eighth house of sex, merging and emotional vulnerability until November 19, it could be extremely challenging to keep strong feelings at bay. With Mars in this heat zone, lust or anger can quickly override common sense. Make sure to have plenty of healthy outlets to prevent a reactive meltdown and a messy cleanup job.

Your fun-loving side returns on November 19, when the randy red planet relocates to Scorpio and your expansive ninth house until January 3, Mars in this big-picture zone will snap you out of tunnel vision and help you see all the amorous options and adventures that await. No more brooding and obsessing allowed! Prepare for changes at home, moving and other transformations that are more external than internal. The influence of Venus will make the followers of Pisces more romantic in March.

Past lovers may appear and there could be reconciliation. With respect to finances, the year will start with good potential in credit and investment fund opportunities. At work, Pisceans will have good communication and the power to convince others, so it is an ideal time for doing business.

The stars will have a positive effect on finances, salary readjustments, bonuses, commissions etc. Be ready for an increase in income. Physical health will be stable and there will be leftover energy available for mystical or spiritual searches thanks to the influence of the Sun. Health could not be better, you will be in great shape and in a very good mood.

The trimester will end with the need to review some mental blocks related to sexuality together with a specialist. In April, friendships will become sincerer and some truths will come out in relationships as well. In May, Singles will be encouraged to declare their love to that person who interests them or they could earn more lovers. In June, friends and family will share great moments of joy and fun with the followers of the sign. You will have good times financially and experience tranquility and stability, but there will be some problems with your professional development at work.

Relationships with some coworkers will become tense because you will defend your convictions. You will focus more on your professional goals and the image you want to project in your job. At the beginning of the second trimester the natives of Pisces could feel a little stressed or more melancholic. They will feel a little alone. Their mood will improve, however, and they will feel the need to be more gregarious.

It is a period of hypersensitivity, followers of the sign must proceed with caution, both emotionally and physically, in addition to avoiding self-medication.

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In July, the sons and daughters of the sign will be more sensual. Romantic possibilities will present themselves and couples will enjoy their intimacy.

There will be good communication between couples and a need to be with your parents. The third trimester will end with the need to think through your words before speaking and reconnect with your kinder side. At work it will be necessary to get any agreements in writing. Pisces will face some fears in their professional development, but at the same time, they will see their projects more clearly. There may be financial or work projects together with true friends you trust. The influence of the Sun in July will provide vitality and energy to the natives of Pisces.

Pisces Horoscope for October 12222

They will begin to be more responsible with their health. They may take exams or adopt healthy habits. September is a good period to review and work on some trauma or psychological limitations that prevent you from moving forward. During the last quarter of the year you will feel the tendency to look into the future with a beloved, either formalizing engagements or having a child. Love could arise within your group of friends for those who are single. In December, there is a need for couples to discuss pending issues and resolve conflicts.

The first ten days of February for Pisces will be a spontaneous period, but not without a sound background. This means that from the outside, many of your actions will seem risky or sudden, but in reality, they are the result of long-term planning. This is a great time to bring your ideas to life. Want to learn to draw? Buy an easel and pencils. Want to learn to play the piano? Sign up for a class. Want to change jobs or start your own business? Do it. This is a good period for any informed decisions; you will succeed so long as you are aware of what you need.

On the love front, try to act with all your passion and fervor, but only if it is mutual. Remember, the actions of others may be consonant with your own; that is, it may seem that others are being spontaneous, but in fact, their actions are well thought out. Take this into account.

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The second ten days of February will help you establish old relationships. This is one of the few moments when outside advice is out of place, so think about what is really important to you personally. You can combine your efforts with people you trust, but be sure to control your own words. Remember, people tend to quickly forget kind words, regardless of how close you are; insults, even when spoken in passing, are remembered well and for a long time.

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  4. If you have to negotiate, first try to understand your opponent-speak in abstract topics. If this approach does not suit the partner, simply refuse to cooperate; you will have another, much better chance to argue your point.

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    Bend, but do not break for the will of others. Show cunning as necessary. Always evaluate the consequences of your actions, especially if you work in an office and enter into a confrontation with management. The third ten days of February will be a little calmer, and you will not have to defend yourself against anything or anyone.

    You can relax and momentarily stop looking ahead to your most ambitious goals. This is a good time to deal with pressing tasks.